Customer Service

Allfoods services the beverage market throughout Australia. We offer products in bulk to help assist the sales of drinks per serve in Cafes, Restaurants, and any commercial food and beverage outlets.
Our most popular two products are Tahitian Vanilla and East Indian Spiced Chai Powder. We also sell truck loads of Chocolate Truffle, Classic sprinkle powder, Premium White Chocolate, Mocha, Cappuccino (Iced Coffee) and Vanilla Powder. All these products cater to a Hot /Cold menu and can be used all year round as Frappes or in hot beverages.
We also have our own Syrup recipe and supply the three most popular flavours, Caramel, Vanilla and Hazelnut. Our syrups are made in Australia using Australian cane sugar, and are of a great quality and taste.
All these products are under our exclusive  brand, which is fun and bright and something different on the shelf, we also cater to those who would like to associate there own brand on the product and make it their own.
We carry Silvertip tea bags and leaves, Twinings Tea powder, as well as our summer range of Pomona Fruit Smoothie products.
We can incorporate a whole beverage menu using our products as a one stop shop, allowing us to offer the best price and advice for your business.
Our products can be made with milk, water and/or ice. Our Vanilla powder is also great if you haven't the storage for Ice cream as it gives the same consistency and taste when added to drinks, even milkshakes.
If you are a Coffee roaster that wants to add products to line up and complement your beans, we can offer great deals on products at wholesale prices.
Allfoods was one of the first distributors to introduce Chai to the Australian market and have been selling it now for over 14 years. So if you would like to try any of our products please contact us. We would love to have the opportunity to help with a solution to your beverage question, or be an addition to what already works for you.
Just go to our contacts page, leave your details and we will contact you directly.