Luv@ Chai Latte

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Luv@ Chai Tea Latte, the ‘tea of love’, is a superior blend in the traditional chai style.  Created from the finest imported black and green teas and formulated with sweet honey, dairy free creamers and intoxicating spices from the Far East, including clove, cinnamon, ginger and cardamon.

Icon Fresh Coffee Beans

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Coffee has become a ritual, a way of life to so many who cannot start the day without the aroma and quality taste of such an hypnotic elixar. Icon Fresh possesses all the qualities you want in your cup. It is blended with the finest of green beans and roasted to perfection fortnightly. It has […]

Icon Fresh Coffee Beans

Icon Fresh

Coffee is such an individual and acquired taste. Some people absolutely adore a certain brand of coffee or cafe and will go out of their way to have nothing but their ideal brand. Sometimes people won’t even have a coffee unless the barista they know are making the brew, they may go to the coffee […]