SHOTT Butterscotch

Add to Coffee

Add to Milkshakes

Serve Hot or Cold

No Artificial flavours or colours

Made in New Zealand

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With rich brown sugar and butter flavours, SHOTT Butterscotch is something to look forward to! Treat yourself and add to coffee, milkshakes or as a dessert topping.


If Butterscotch doesn’t bring back the memories of Mum’s home baking, I don’t know what will.
SHOTT Butterscotch concentrate takes the essence of ‘how Mum used to make it’ puts it in a bottle.
Crème Brule Cappuccinos, Butterscotch and White Chocolate Muffins and even a Caribbean Flip for after the day’s work is done.
Dairy Free and Gluten Free; With SHOTT Butterscotch, everyone will want your recipes.

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