SHOTT Macadamia

Add to Coffee

No Artificial flavours or colours

Great in Hot Chocolate

Made in New Zealand

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The macadamia nut originated in Australia and has a beautifully rich butter nut flavour. SHOTT, has strived to cultivate a delicious coffee syrup, that reflects the divine earthy sweetness of roasted Macadamia.


You don’t have to stop imagining when you can become an adult.
SHOTT Macadamia can make you a barista, creating a soothing Macadamia Latte, a Mixologist, crafting a tempting Macadamia Melt or even a dessert chef, creating a luxurious Macadamia and Coconut Ice-cream.
SHOTT Macadamia is Dairy Free and Gluten Free, so there is no excuse to have some fun and start dreaming.

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